Hazleton Commercial Pest Control Services: Keeping Your Business Pest-Free

At DCS Pest Control, we understand the unique pest control needs of commercial properties in Hazleton, PA, and throughout Northeast Pennsylvania. With our tailored commercial services, we provide comprehensive solutions to keep your business environment pest-free and compliant with industry regulations. An infestation or chronic pest problem can ruin the reputation of your business and hurt your profits. 

At DeAngelo Pest Control we will develop a maintenance plan that will be exclusive to you and will help ensure that your business and employees are safe from pests and rodents. Your reputation and profits are important to you and they are also important to us.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of commercial pest control services to meet the needs of various industries, including:

  • Restaurants: Protect your reputation and ensure a sanitary dining environment with our restaurant pest control solutions.

  • Schools: Create a safe and healthy learning environment for students and staff with our targeted pest management strategies.

  • Grocery Stores: Safeguard your inventory and maintain compliance with food safety regulations with our effective pest control services.

  • Warehouses: Prevent product damage and contamination by keeping pests out of your warehouse facility.

  • Hospitals: Maintain a sterile healthcare environment and protect patient health with our specialized pest control treatments.

  • Offices: Keep your workplace clean, comfortable, and pest-free with our customized commercial pest control plans.

  • Airbnbs and Hotels: Ensure guest satisfaction and protect your property investment with our reliable pest management solutions.

And more. No matter the size or type of your commercial property, we have the expertise and resources to address your pest control needs effectively. Learn More About Our Services

We offer both paper and digital logbook record keeping along with bar code scanning to ensure accurate service reports.

We offer both paper and digital logbook record keeping, along with barcode scanning, to ensure accurate service reports. Our advanced record-keeping systems provide transparency and accountability, giving you peace of mind that your pest control needs are being met consistently.

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