Termite Control

Each year termites cause billions of dollars of damage to residential and commercial structures. Since they are secretive in nature discovering termites and termite damage can take years to discover.  Once identified our termite treatment is both effective and long lasting.  If you suspect you might have termites, call for a free inspection. Stopping termites early will save you big dollars later.

Our DCS Pest Termite 3 Step Process

Step 1.


We will thoroughly inspect your home or business for termite damage, termite tubing, termite swarmers and conditions conducive to termites. We will also investigate all the key termite access points in and around your home or business.
Step 2.


If termites are discovered on your property, a termite treatment evaluation will be done to determine the best treatment plan for your situation.
Step 3.


At DeAngelo Pest Control we use Termidor High Efficiency (HE), the best barrier product in the war against Termites. It completely protects the structure and manages control of the termite colony in as little as three months. The low toxicity high efficiency formula allows for less drilling, shallow trenches and cuts the amount of product used in half. Combine all of these and your home is 100% safely protected by the most effective treatment available.

*Pricing depends on the size of the house. Please call to schedule a free inspection. 

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